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Environmental Awareness Programme

Environment - Chennai

Sarathu Kandigai Nagar Village, Pammadukulam Panchayat, Ambattur Taluk, Red Hills, Thiruvallur District


  • Topics include environmental, ecological, sustainability and social issues to create awareness of their growing importance today.

Awareness tour

  • Includes forest nursery comprising local indigenous species, mangrove nursery, organic kitchen garden and unique waste management programme.


  • Introduction to raising forest nurseries and the need for trees, including activities such as nature walks, tree identification, seed collection and planting drives.

Restoration of mangroves

  • Introduction to raising mangrove nurseries to create awareness of their importance in a coastal environment.

Waste management and recycling

  • Demonstration of a global first waste management programme.

  • Discarded PET bottles are recycled into bottle bricks and replace the conventional baked brick in eco-friendly, green construction.

  • Nylon-6 fish net replaces steel in the concrete slab.

  • These two measures greatly reduces construction cost and brings it within reach of the economically disadvantaged.

Fly-ash bricks (a by-product of cement)

  • Demonstration on their use as an alternative to conventional bricks.


  • Introduction to empowerment projects to enable income generation.

Water conservation and recycling

  • Introduction to a unique method of harvesting rainwater on city roads and a solution to the city’s fresh water shortage through the conversion of the Buckingham Canal into a freshwater reserve.

Organic urban gardens

  • Demonstration on simple organic farming techniques, composting and recycling of organic waste into green nutrients as an alternative to chemicals and fertilizers.

  • Demonstration on the use of PET bottles in laying nursery beds and as an alternative to mud pots.

Mosquito eradication

  • Methodology to control vectorborne diseases through cyclic and systematic eradication of mosquitoes using herbal pesticides.


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