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  • PET bottles have become the bane of modern civilization. Due to the poor quality of drinking water, mineral water packaged in PET bottles abounds our cities and towns. In addition, aerated drinks and sodas have added a profusion of discarded, unwanted PET bottles.

  • PET bottles are a menace because of their longevity. They do not degrade and hence pose a disposal problem. Plastic makes up much of street litter in urban and rural areas. It is rapidly filling up landfills and choking water bodies.

  • We have taken this negative aspect of the PET bottle i.e. its longevity and converted it into a positive. We found that when a PET bottle is filled with mud or sand and recapped, it can be used as a solid, everlasting brick.

  • We have successfully replaced steel in the RCC slab with Nylon-6 fish net at a mere 1% of the cost of steel, utilizing its high tensile strength.

The PET Bottle and Nylon-6 Fish Net Project

  • Discarded PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles are collected, manually sorted by size and compactly filled with waste mud/sand and sealed.

  • These bottle bricks replace the conventional baked brick and are cemented together for construction.

  • Nylon-6 fish net replaces steel in the structural slab.

Pros of PET Bottle and Nylon-6 Fish Net Construction

  • The non-biodegradable PET bottle has a high tensile strength to weight ratio making it strong, durable and versatile. PET bottles do not degrade for 1560 years!

  • PET bottles act as heat insulators and are non-brittle. They can therefore withstand heavy shock loads, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

  • Construction with PET bottles greatly reduces waste by lowering the demand for conventional bricks and thus carbon emissions during baking.

  • PET bottle bricks create employment and empowerment as well as low cost housing for the underprivileged.

  • Constructing with Nylon-6 fish net amounts to a 99% saving in construction cost and structures are proven to be earthquake resistant.

Green Structures

  • Eco-friendly, low-cost benches

  • Platforms for generators and pre-fabricated houses

  • Green houses with drip irrigation frameworks for growing vegetables and flowering plants

  • 25-feet-high columns to support large water tanks

  • Samarpan Foundation's first prototype double-storey building constructed utilizing mud bricks and Nylon-6 fish net.

Fly Ash Brick Construction

  • Fly ash, a by-product of cement usually discarded in landfills, is moulded into bricks for construction.

Samarpan Foundation has applied for and is in the process of registering its patent for Nylon-6 Fish Net and PET Bottle Construction under the Patents Act, 1970, with the Controller of Designs under the Design Act, 2000 and under the Copyrights Act, 1957.

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