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Organic Farming and Composting

Environment - Chennai

Sarathu Kanagai Nagar Village, Pammadukulam Panchyat, Ambattur Taluk, Red Hills, Thiruvallur District


  • Simple techniques of cyclic mulching and composting of organic waste matter are used to produce nutrient-rich fertilizer which fuels plant growth and restores vitality to depleted soil.

  • Composting and recycling organic waste produces better results than chemicals and fertilizers.

  • Recycling kitchen waste into compost is free, easy to do and both garden and environment friendly.

Green Nutrients

  • Our 5-acre forest-tree nursery site produces large volumes of vegetation waste such as tree loppings, cut branches and leaves from regular pruning.

  • Mulching and shredding vegetation waste with a mix of organic kitchen waste, water and a bio starter produces green nutrients. The bio starter triggers decomposition and methane gas production.

  • In a period of 3-4 weeks, the natural ‘liquid gold’ concentrate produced from this waste mixture is ready for multipurpose use for flowering, fruiting and forest tree saplings and vegetable plants.

  • The resultant biomass is a perfect nitrogen-enriched compost.

  • ‘Liquid gold’ significantly enhances growth rate and increases production of vegetables and fruit.

Organic Farming

  • Our mini-poultry unit caters to the nutritional needs of the disadvantaged and produces valuable nitrogen-rich manure.

  • Poultry manure, composted manure and green nutrients are used as fertilizer for our forest nurseries and organic vegetables.

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