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Sarathu Kandigai Nagar Village, Pammadukulam Panchayat, Ambattur Taluk, Red Hills, Thiruvallur District

Rainwater Harvesting Trench

Water conservation and recycling by harvesting rainwater on city roads

  • In contrast to long, steady rainfall on the west coast of India, Chennai is prone to short and heavy bursts of cyclonic rainfall, which cause continual flooding and run-off of rainwater into the sea.

  • This flooding contaminates fresh water supplies, causing many bacterial diseases.

  • Constructing rainwater harvesting trenches across roads in low-lying areas prevents flooding and preserves the road surface.

  • These trenches not only recharge the groundwater table but also keep water from stagnating on roads, thereby curbing breeding of mosquitos.

Proposed Improvements of Chennai’s Waterways

Plan to convert the Buckingham Canal into a freshwater reserve for the city

  • We have submitted an ambitious plan to the Indian government that envisages the effective conversion of a 30-kilometre section of the Buckingham Canal running through Chennai city into a freshwater lake.

  • Our proposals include the installation of a sewage processing plant on the west bank of the canal where it meets the Cooum River. It would treat the sewage of Chennai city, as well as provide a supply of fresh water to the 30-kilometre section of the canal that runs through the city.

  • A key concern is the subterranean movement of tidal seawater from the canal into low-lying areas like Taramani, Velachery and Perungudi. This could be greatly reduced by blocking the inflow into the canal of the Adyar River, Cooum River, Muthukadu Estuary and Ennore Creek.

  • Our proposals would enhance the canal’s storage capacity and water quality and reduce associated flood risks.

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