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Mosquito Eradication

Development - Chennai

Sarathu Kanagai Nagar Village, Pammadukulam Panchyat, Ambattur Taluk, Red Hills, Thiruvallur District


  • Chennai is plagued by vector-borne diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya.

Samarpan’s Action Plan

  • We have identified a highly effective method for eradicating mosquitoes using the herbal pesticide ‘Pyrethrum’, which is made from the chrysanthemum flower. The pesticide is not environmentally or ecologically harmful, is safe for people and animals, and has a pleasant fragrance.

  • We have raised public awareness and understanding of the Pyrethrum pesticide and the problems it is designed to address by distributing fliers (in both English and Tamil) across Chennai.


  • In addition to our plans for dispersal of the Pyrethrum pesticide, our long term solution includes:

    • introducing fish that feed on mosquito larvae, like guppy fish, into lakes and ponds;

    • using sodium silicate solution (a wetting agent) that kills mosquito larvae on the surface of ponds and flowing water;

    • spraying stagnant water (a natural habitat for mosquitos) with a solar enhancer, nitrosol beta naphta, (a food-grade chemical) to accelerate evaporation.

Ongoing Programme

  • The programme was tried and tested successful at the Women’s Christian College’s 20-acre campus, situated adjacent to the mosquito-infested Cooum River.

  • As a direct result of the programme’s success, the Chennai Civic Body has indicated its desire to implement the methodology used. Samarpan has been requested to supervise the city’s mosquito eradication programme.

  • We have also been requested to supervise the mosquito eradication programmes of a number of Chennai’s private institutions and welfare associations.

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