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Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre: Alexandra

Healthcare, Affordable Construction - Johannesburg

Stands 3361 & 3362, Far-East Bank, Alexandra Extension 40

Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre

  • A 50-year lease has been secured for land in Alexandra, one of the largest and oldest townships in South Africa. This land has been obtained in order to build a new, fully equipped hospice and rehabilitation facility, replacing the existing Alex Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre.

  • This service with greater outreach capacity is desperately needed for the many terminally ill patients in the community, especially those suffering from HIV. The current facility is presently being operated out of an abandoned school and, therefore, does not have adequate facilities to meet even the most basic needs of its patients.

  • The site has been cleared, secured and prepared for construction activities with deliveries of waste sand and provision of a secure working space. Bottle filling has commenced.

  • The community has responded with enthusiasm and excitement over the PET bottle and nylon-6 fishnet building system and eagerly awaits construction.

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