A feast for the residents of Khadar slum

Khadar - New Delhi

  • For Balwant Kaur, the oldest resident of an urban slum in Khadar, New Delhi, domestic violence was a way of life. She was repeatedly beaten by her husband, abandoned by both of her sons and left to fend for herself.
  • Samarpan Foundation has been supporting the residents of this slum and Balwant has regularly received healing from Patrick San Francesco, Samarpan's chairperson.
  • For the past few years, Balwant has organised a feast for the residents of the slum on the 18th of October to celebrate Patrick's birthday. The event is sponsored by the foundation and this year 980 residents enjoyed the food prepared for them.
  • The entire neighbourhood enjoyed the excitement of this special day.
  • But perhaps the one who enjoyed it the most was Balwant. Her broken legs have healed and she is no longer in chronic pain so she could happily dance and sing in celebration!

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