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  • Medical Clinic: Pulakeshinagar

    Medical Clinic: Pulakeshinagar

    <p>Pulakeshinagar is a highly congested urban slum with no access to basic amenities. The residents are prone to disease due to unhygienic conditions. Men work mainly as dai...</p>

  • School: Bagalur Layout

    School: Bagalur Layout

    <p>An estimated 100 000 people live in Bagalur Layout slum with sub-standard living conditions and very little education. There is little or no awareness of the importance of edu...</p>

  • Animal Welfare

    Animal Welfare

    <p>Sick and injured animals are taken to the nearest veterinary centre for care and rehabilitation. The animals are relocated or returned to their natural habitat whenever possible. M...</p>

  • Community Kitchen: PGI Gurudwara

    Community Kitchen: PGI Gurudwara

    <p>PGI is one of the finest research hospitals in North India, catering to Punjab, Harayana, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal. Many patients come from remote, disadvantaged areas i...</p>

  • Tuition Centre: Gaghar Bridge

    Tuition Centre: Gaghar Bridge

    <p>Migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in search of employment encroached on a 100-acre plot of government land. The highly congested slum has existed for over 40 years. Living...</p>

  • Celebrations: Project Maanaa

    Celebrations: Project Maanaa

    <p>Let's share our celebrations! Let's celebrate life in celebrating! Let's enable others to benefit and celebrate life too! When celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other s...</p>

  • Community Kitchens: New Delhi

    Community Kitchens: New Delhi

    <p>Nobody sleeps on an empty stomach. Nobody studies on an empty stomach. Samarpan Foundation has found that it is essential to take care of the nutritional needs of those who ar...</p>

  • Health Programmes: New Delhi

    Health Programmes: New Delhi

    <p>There is extreme poverty in these slums and the residents struggle for survival for daily existence. They are often unable to afford meals and suffer from malnutrition, leading to...</p>

  • School: Kishangarh

    School: Kishangarh

    <p>Kishangarh Primary School and Tuition Centre is a child-centred community development. We found that in order to transform a child’s life, we also needed to work with the chi...</p>

  • School: Hathi Basti

    School: Hathi Basti

    <p>On the banks of the Yamuna River, overlooked by the surrounding city, 300 enthusiastic children of elephant keepers (mahouts) and garden labourers are getting their first taste of...</p>

  • Tuition Centre: Yamuna Pushta

    Tuition Centre: Yamuna Pushta

    <p>In the heart of Delhi, on the banks of the Yamuna River, marginal farmers and farm helpers share the area with rickshaw pullers, shop helpers from Darya Ganj and labourers from...</p>

  • Tuition Centre: Kotla

    Tuition Centre: Kotla

    <p>Gadhia Lohars, an ancient Rajasthani tribe, have been living in Kotla slum for over 40 years. They had been issued voter IDs, ration cards and had been supplied with a water connec...</p>

  • School: Motiya Khan

    School: Motiya Khan

    <p>Migrant families hailing mostly from Pune, Maharashtra and Kerala are long-term residents at the shelter. Most parents are unemployed. Men often provide musical entertainment...</p>

  • School: Shastri Park

    School: Shastri Park

    <p>Samarpan volunteers became aware of this community’s struggle for survival for daily existence and the resultant lack of importance placed on education along with the childre...</p>

  • Injustice of Justice: Tihar Jail

    Injustice of Justice: Tihar Jail

    <p>When a family’s breadwinner is incarcerated for a crime, his or her family suffers, innocent victims in the course of justice. For survival, these families often turn to pett...</p>

  • Women's Empowerment: Kishangarh

    Women's Empowerment: Kishangarh

    <p>The women come from an urban slum with very poor living conditions. There is widespread alcoholism, domestic violence and crime. The programme began as a child-centred communi...</p>

  • Women's Empowerment: Malviya Nagar

    Women's Empowerment: Malviya Nagar

    <p>ARIA is a project for Afghan refugee women in Delhi, India. After fleeing their war-torn homeland, they have to settle in a new country where their refugee status gives them l...</p>

  • Women's Empowerment: Kotla

    Women's Empowerment: Kotla

    <p>Gadhia Lohars, an ancient Rajasthani tribe, have been living in Kotla slum for over 40 years. They had been issued voter IDs, ration cards and had been supplied with a water connec...</p>

  • Women's Empowerment: Jama Masjid

    Women's Empowerment: Jama Masjid

    <p>The women at the heart of the conservative community of Jama Masjid are eager to learn and move forward in life but are unable to because of limited resources and a severe lack of...</p>

  • Women’s Empowerment: Noida Yakubpur

    Women’s Empowerment: Noida Yakubpur

    <p>The residents of Yakubpur village are mostly immigrants, who hail from small towns of Uttar Pradesh and have settled in Noida for a better livelihood. </p>

  • Women's Empowerment: Shastri Park

    Women's Empowerment: Shastri Park

    <p>Shastri Park, Yamuna Khadar, is a slum dwelling under a bridge close to the Yamuna River, with almost 8000 residents - families of rickshaw pullers, farmers and daily wage labourer...</p>

  • PET Bottle Classroom: Kishangarh

    PET Bottle Classroom: Kishangarh

    <p>A classroom was constructed at Kishangarh Primary School and Tuition Centre utilising PET bottle bricks filled with waste mud.</p>

  • Children's Homes: Maharani Bagh and New Friends Colony

    Children's Homes: Maharani Bagh and New Friends Colony

    <p>Samarpan Homes have been created for orphaned, abandoned and abused children. The children come from varied backgrounds and live as a family. The home for girls has a government li...</p>

  • Shelter: Regarpura

    Shelter: Regarpura

    <p>Women and their children cared for at the shelter come from diverse backgrounds and are abandoned and emotionally traumatised. Some are rape victims, unwed teen mothers, women who...</p>

  • Animal Welfare

    Animal Welfare

    <p>Beeya, an experienced riding instructor and horse trainer, started BRF (Beeya’s Riding Facility) after seeing a grey thoroughbred horse panting and sweating whilst pulling a...</p>

  • Rebuild Nepal Eco Construction Programme

    Rebuild Nepal Eco Construction Programme

    <p>Nepal has just experienced a series of devastating earthquakes in the last few months. Numerous organisations have tendered relief. However, relief has been in the form of foo...</p>

  • Tuition Centre: Chimbel

    Tuition Centre: Chimbel

    <p>The students hail from a highly congested slum in Chimbel where there is extreme poverty and no sanitation. Living conditions are sub-standard with many families sharing single tap...</p>

  • Support for Children's Homes

    Support for Children's Homes

    <p>Children living in children’s homes in North Goa have been orphaned, abandoned and abused, or their parents are simply unable to take care of them. Some children have lived i...</p>

  • Women's Empowerment: Budgam District

    Women's Empowerment: Budgam District

    <p>The climate and weather of Kashmir is greatly influenced by the Himalayas as that of Austria is influenced by the Alps. This geographic similarity and the alpine vegetation highlig...</p>

  • Injustice of Justice: Midnapore Jail

    Injustice of Justice: Midnapore Jail

    <p>When the breadwinner of a family is incarcerated, his or her family suffers, innocent victims in the course of justice. It is this ‘injustice of justice’ along with the...</p>

  • Hospital: Bali Island

    Hospital: Bali Island

    <p>The Sunderbans is one of the most impoverished, neglected and remote regions. The area is prone to cyclones and has no basic facilities such as drinking water, electricity and...</p>

  • Medical Clinics: Sunderbans

    Medical Clinics: Sunderbans

    <p>The Sunderbans is one of the most impoverished, neglected and remote regions. Over the past year, we have run mobile medical clinics at Bijaynagar, Bali Island (weekly), Hetalbari,...</p>

  • Women's Empowerment: Guwahati

    Women's Empowerment: Guwahati

    <p>The centre in Rehabari  caters for women from migrant families from Bihar, Bengal, and remote North-Eastern areas like Manipur. Their husbands and fathers work as daily wage l...</p>

  • Kitchen for Paws

    Kitchen for Paws

    <p>Kitchen for Paws is an animal welfare initiative by Samarpan Foundation that began in the year 2012.</p>

  • Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre: Alexandra

    Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre: Alexandra

    <p>A 50-year lease has been secured for land in Alexandra, one of the largest and oldest townships in South Africa. This land has been obtained in order to build a new, fully equipped...</p>

  • Crèche: Drayini

    Crèche: Drayini

    <p>Matolweni Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) operates from a mud structure which is inadequate, unsafe and cannot accommodate the number of young children in the area. It wa...</p>

  • Hospital: Lilongwe

    Hospital: Lilongwe

    <p>The local people of “Chinsapo”, a small settlement in the Lilongwe district of the Republic of Malawi, a landlocked country in Southeast Africa, are smiling a whole lot...</p>