Acute Shortage of Potable Water: Haiti

Sobier - Haiti

Five years since the calamitous 7.0 Earthquake hit Haiti on January 12 2010, Haitians have not directly felt the benefits of the rehabilitation efforts.

On investigation of the suitability of its PET bottle/fish net house as an earthquake-resistant housing module in December 2015, Samarpan Foundation found a much more immediate and vital need, which is the acute shortage of potable water. Further research revealed that though ground water is aplenty, the local communities do not have the resources to tap into the natural groundwater reservoirs.

Samarpan Foundation is seeking to address this need with immediate effect. Due to the inaccessibility of most villages, small, mobile diesel-powered drilling rigs are required. The vision is to provide the opportunity to produce these drilling rigs in Haiti and train locals to operate them.

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