Celebrating Everyday

Kishangarh - New Delhi

At Samarpan Foundation we believe that a specific day isn’t required to celebrate - each and every day is a day of happiness where the beautiful things in life can be enjoyed. One of our volunteers recently celebrated her birthday with all the project families in order to share the little joys of life and, collectively, celebrate all their birthdays. Themed as Celebrating Everyday, a fun-filled day was planned.

The day began with the setting up of the decorations by the families of the project. The children were most enthusiastic and decorated the entire venue. With the scene set for celebrations, the families awaited our volunteer’s arrival to wish her well and celebrate with her.

The day was filled with games and entertainment for the children, along with activities, movie screenings and great food. A workshop was also organized for the adults while the children were kept busy and entertained with craft activities like card-making and games such as musical chairs. The workshop involved the women and men participating and sharing their experiences. It was liberating for each of them to be able to express themselves as a part of the workshop.

The workshop’s end inaugurated the cake cutting ceremony. The beauty of this was that it marked a symbolic birthday celebration for everyone, and not just one person.  This event was followed by the regular monthly ration distribution and interaction with the families. Finally, the day ended with lunch and cake, which was cut together by all the children, as one.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing was that all the children skyped another volunteer, who was to celebrate her birthday a few days later, and wasn’t present amongst them. This day was marked as one of those rare days where each eye that met another was full of happiness. All the families and children celebrated the day with joy and love for each other in their hearts.

This day of celebration strengthened the bond that connects us – the bond of Love, Peace, Happiness and Kindness. We are glad we are able to live it!

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