Happy Birthday to Us!


September is a very special month for Samarpan Foundation, as we celebrate Founders Day on 15th September. Sixteen years since its inception, Founder’s day was celebrated with joy and vigour across all the projects in the country. In typical Samarpan style, every team held events spreading cheer and kindness. The animal welfare team in Bengaluru held their celebrations with Dr. Akshay and his team. We are so grateful for their support all these years. Food was provided for all the dogs under his care as well as other necessary supplies for the animal care clinic.

The teams of education and empowerment in Goa, Delhi and Bengaluru, chose to give to the environment this year, with rallies and clean-up drives in their communities. The women and children led the way with banners and slogans, as their voices rang across, explaining to the community residents, the need for clean and green initiatives. The Samarpan volunteers and beneficiaries turned brooms into batons, in the race to protect the environment. A party awaited everyone when they got back to their centres, with cakes and a special meal! The green warriors danced to the beats of popular songs and joined the fun activities organized for them, soaking in love, peace, happiness, kindness and clarity, the all encompassing motto of Samarpan Foundation.

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