Healthy Vision for Inmates

Tihar Central Jail - New Delhi

Vision is one of the strongest ways we connect with each other. To have healthy vision is a boon in itself! 

For this very reason, Samarpan Foundation organised an eye camp/clinic at Tihar Central Jail No. 2 on 17th August 2016, in collaboration with Lens Kart, a leading online eyewear company. A team of 3 certified refractionists from Lens Kart examined approximately 170 inmates using advanced compact computerised technology. A total of 135 inmates with weak eyesight were provided with spectacles. The event was much appreciated by the inmates and the Tihar authorities as it took care of one of the many concerns of the inmates.

During the camp/clinic, Mr. Satyam Shekhar, a personality development trainer associated with Samarpan Foundation, led sessions with inmates while they were waiting for their eye check-up. lt was interesting to see how he conducted an ice breaking session and brought the inmates out of their shells. He also conducted a drawing competition which was instrumental in bringing out their creativity on paper and so was much appreciated.

It was an eventful day for the inmates at Central Jail No. 2 and with the next day being Rakshabandhan, a major festival in India, there was a joyous atmosphere.

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