It's Magic!


Childhood is a time when we are all smitten by the wondrous world of fantasy, fairy tales and fables! When it comes to magic shows, it evokes a sense of nostalgia in everyone. May 12th was one such memorable day, when the students of our Bagalur Education Centre, Bengaluru, were transported into the world of magic, courtesy 12-year-old budding talent, Jayant Patwari. Jayant’s magical prowess and jaw dropping performance, enthralled the students, staff and volunteers alike. Jayant, is in fact, the son of a Samarpan volunteer, and has a repertoire of achievements to his credit. He started a community library during the pandemic, went on to author 'The C-O-V-I-D Thief' and is now, quite the magician as well! One of our sponsors, Abhinav, was also present and happily participated in the show. A biryani lunch was served thereafter. All in all, a magical day!

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