Outdoor Laboratory, Redhills Project Site

Chennai - India

  • Samarpan Foundation is setting up an 'outdoor laboratory' on its Redhills’ project site.
  • This outdoor laboratory allows students to have a hands-on experience of environmental sciences.
  • Currently, students are learning building construction using discarded PET bottle bricks, a column of PET bottles, nylon fishing net and concrete without the conventional steel bars as well as a PET bottle 'honeycombed' wall with non-organic waste packed tightly into the honeycombs.
  • Not only does this non-organic waste provide excellent insulation, it also gets rid of prodigious amounts of waste which would otherwise pollute our environment. In addition, this project uses organic compost for farming.
  • Instead of merely visiting and observing, the students are encouraged to actively participate in the construction work, farming and other allied activities.

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