Progress: Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Programme

Tamil Nadu - India

Dec 19th:

Volunteers surveyed villages, to ensure relief material was distributed in areas yet untouched by relief work. Goodavalli village of Kumraj Block, Cuddalore district, was identified as one such village.

The main occupation in the village is farming. However, the downpour caused extensive damage to crops. The residents’ mud huts had taken a severe beating, with walls having been washed away. The villagers attempted to create cover for their families with cartons and old clothes.

Dec 20th:

Relief material distribution was set up at three different points in Goodavalli village. Two hundred and eighty families each received a relief pack comprising a mat and a bed sheet and a groceries pack containing:

5kg rice;
1kg salt;
1kg udhayam moong dal (pulse);
1kg atta (wheat flour);
1kg rava (semolina);
1 packet sambar powder (spice mix);
1 packet vermicelli (pasta);
1kg sugar
and 300ml cooking oil.

The residents were very happy to receive groceries and new items. A medical camp/clinic also treated approximately 500 residents.

Volunteers then attempted to distribute relief packs to 20 families residing in MI Nagar (also known as Indira Colony). However, the team faced chaos when residents from better-off homes made demands for the goods, causing the volunteers to leave. Once the situation settled, volunteers returned and distributed 50 relief packs.

Dec 21st:

Fifty grocery relief packs and 100 sheets were distributed in another Cuddalore slum.

The Samarpan team continues its flood relief efforts in Tamil Nadu and looks forward to your participation. To volunteer or donate relief items please contact:

Rajani Jain

+91 9686 930154


Deepa Dasgupta

+91 9845 530251


Thank you for your generosity!



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