Rickshaw Wala

Jama Masjid - New Delhi

Abdul Uved is a 37-year old rickshaw puller who works in the busy lanes of Jama Masjid, New Delhi.

He left his small village, Gaura, in the Nanpur block of Sitamarhi district in Bihar, with the aspiration of becoming a car mechanic, leaving his two daughters behind.

Unfortunately, he became a slave to his circumstances and ended up with large debt caused partly by the high cost of city living. He started to drive his creditor’s rickshaw in order to repay his debt.

His creditor took away his savings and threw him on a railway track which worsened the situation.

As his only means of earning an income was to work as a rickshaw puller, he rented a rickshaw earning an income of 30-40% of his daily earnings. Eight months later, he had managed to save enough to send his daughters to primary school in the village.

Today, Abdul is very happy. After receiving a rickshaw from Samarpan Foundation, he is now able to send 80% of his earnings home.

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