Samarpan Turns Seventeen!


Our hearts were brimming with joy to see Samarpan turning another year older and stronger on 15th September, this year. As we looked back at Samarpan’s 17-year-old incredible journey, we were filled with nothing but limitless gratitude. To commemorate this day, we decided to have not one but multiple ways of meaningful celebrations between 13th and 16th September, 2023. We asked our beneficiaries and volunteers pan India the first word that came to their mind when they heard the word ‘Samarpan’. The responses were heart-warming.

With the intention of having a twist in the celebrations, we encouraged our students and staff to do their bit for the beneficiaries of different projects in line with our thematic areas. As a part of this initiative, we collaborated with various organizations in Delhi-NCR including the Satya Jeevan Leprosy Society; an old age home; Wagging Tales Foundation, a dog shelter; AIIMS Shelter for patients; Dream Village, Kat Katha, a rehabilitation home for former Sex Workers. Apart from having individual celebrations at our educational centres in New Delhi, we also visited the children of our previously demolished centres around Yamuna River bank. Sharing our happiness with the Afghan Refugee Women at our Malviya Nagar Empowerment Centre was a unique experience all together. Though each and every one had a different back story, the common unifying factors were love, belongingness and empathy. The highlight of the celebration were the delectable hand-made cakes which our students from Kishangarh Project, New Delhi, lovingly prepared, making the entire experience sweeter in every sense. Our projects at Bengaluru, Goa and Pune also celebrated the birthday with great gusto. 

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