Selfless Love


Hearing-impaired children from Bharatiya Badhir Vidyalaya School, Lucknow, have adopted a few street dogs in their locality. They have also been providing food to other dogs in the community and caring for dogs who are ill, by taking them to the veterinarian. This heart-warming effort touched us and Samarpan Foundation reached out to offer meals for these street animals. We have received some adorable images in return, which makes all the hard work truly rewarding.

Eshan is a 16-year-old animal feeder from HSR Layout, Bengaluru, who has devoted his heart to street animals. He saves his pocket money to feed them regularly and rushes to the veterinary clinic if he comes across an injured or sick animal on the streets. To support his efforts to protect his furry friends, Samarpan Foundation provided food and beds for a litter of kittens rescued by him, in Mysuru. To be so young and to have the will to care for all beings, has been an inspiration for all of us at the Foundation. We are glad to see the zeal shown by our next generation of warriors, fighting for the voiceless.

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