Throw, Catch, Repeat

New Delhi

Everyone would agree that frisbee or flying disc, is a sport where athleticism and enthusiasm converge. Y-Ultimate, a sports-based organization promoting softs skills, team building and behavioral change  amongst children, through frisbee, conducted a 3-week long frisbee camp for the students of Samarpan’s Hathi Basti and Kishangarh School, New Delhi. It culminated in a  grand finale competition on the 14th and 15th of June.  The power-packed tournaments witnessed tremendous enthusiasm and excitement, with the students roaring and cheering for one another at Hathi Basti and Sanjay Van. Volunteers from the Y-Ultimate team, felicitated two of our students, Imran and Chanchal from Hathi Basti School, with the title of the ‘Most Spirited Person’, handing them each, a flying disc, to carry forth the baton of leadership to guide and inspire other students. This collaboration has been so worthwhile, creating wonderful memories and burning a few calories in the bargain!

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