Voices from the Heart


SPARCC (Samarpan Program for Adoption, Research, Consultancy and Care), Pune, initiated the idea of including the parenting journeys of adoptive parents, to serve as a guide for others. Not only is this invaluable for prospective adoptive parents but also for society at large. This has culminated in the publication of the book Voices from the Heart. Adoptive parents were contacted and requested to share their and their children’s journeys. From the unique, shared stories, we realize that it has been an all-encompassing journey for most parents. The author, Dipika Maharaj Singh, a long-term advocate for counselling and adoption, decided that all proceeds from the purchase of the book will be used towards supporting the various beneficiaries of Samarpan Foundation. We feel highly encouraged by this endeavour, and are grateful for this gesture.  So what are you waiting for? Use the link mentioned below to order your copy of Voices from the Heart, a must read for anyone interested in the process of adoption.


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