Wendy's Treats the Students of Samarpan School, Kotla

Kotla - New Delhi

On the 6th of May 2016, the children of Samarpan School, Kotla (Kindergarten) were invited to Wendy's for lunch as a part of Wendy’s one-year celebration in India. 

The children were all excited to go out and dressed up for the occasion.  A trip to the mall was itself a treat for the children - the cool air conditioning, ‎the shiny stores, the moving stair-case (escalators) and the mirror-like floor on which they were doing pretend-skating.

As the children entered Wendy's, little did they know that they were in for a great treat! They were welcomed with a much-appreciated variety of refreshing drinks, followed by sanitizing their hands to prepare them for the meal. They were taught how to apply the sanitizer and what its purpose was.

They were served french fries, delicious vegetable and paneer burgers followed by frosty cones (ice-cream). The children were taught the name of the french fries, which they thought were mirch waala aloo (chilly potato). They also had fun learning how to eat a burger. The staff members were extremely friendly and patient with the children and they provided as many servings as requested. After the delectable meal, upbeat music was put on and children had a gala time dancing, showing their hip-hop and break-dancing skills to rap songs.

When it was time to go, the children thanked the Wendy's staff for an amazing experience and returned to their homes with happy memories.

Samarpan Foundation expresses gratitude towards Wendy's team for providing the children with this opportunity to look at life beyond any limited horizon.

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