Where There Is A Will

New Delhi

Javed has been a student of Samarpan School and Tuition Centre, Kishangarh, in Delhi, since he was in grade 1. He has always had a keen interest in science. When he discussed his goal to pursue science in grade eleven, his teachers apprised him of the technical difficulties of the subjects as well as tuition fees required to specialise in this field. This did not deter Javed at all, and despite the difficulties of his family, he made a resolve to study harder. His father had passed away when he was in grade 9, making it an even more challenging task for him. There was a huge financial strain on the family. His mother began working as a house-help and Javed also began working to support his family. He doubled his efforts, working hard for his board exams. He has gained admission into the Bachelors program in Physiotherapy in Galgotias University. We are very proud of Javed and salute his unwavering spirit to make his dreams come true!

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