Injustice of Justice: Midnapore Jail

Empowerment - West Bengal



  • When the breadwinner of a family is incarcerated, his or her family suffers, innocent victims in the course of justice. It is this ‘injustice of justice’ along with the plight of inmates that we are striving to address.
  • Midnapore Correctional Home is a prison housing over 400 men, women and their children.
  • Providing monthly food parcels to the families of inmates is the first step in showing them that someone genuinely cares for them. Once the families have confidence in us, we motivate them to educate their children.
  • We are working to transform the lives of inmates and their families by providing for their immediate needs and – ultimately – by empowering them to lead self-sustaining, independent lives.

Programme for prisoners

  • Events for inmates, such as musical evenings and quiz competitions, are organised.

Programme for prisoners' families


  • The families of inmates are visited and currently 10 families are provided with monthly food parcels and 77 children with education grants.
  • Children have benefited from improved education and families have become independent.
  • Living essentials such as clothing and household items are provided.
  • Celebrations of functions and festivals are arranged.

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