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Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare - Bangalore

<ul><br /> <li>Sick and injured animals are taken to the nearest veterinary centre for care and rehabilitation. The animals are relocated or returned to their natural habitat whenever possible.</li><br /> <li>Mistreated animals are rescued, provided with veterinary care, rehabilitated and relocated in coordination with other NGOs.</li><br /> <li>Workshops are held for police officers designed to increase their awareness and understanding of India&rsquo;s animal protection laws, in conjunction with Humane Society International and the Animal Welfare Board of India.</li><br /> <li>Radio programmes are organised to raise awareness of animal-related issues with the cooperation of animal activists and other animal welfare organizations.</li><br /> <li>For animal welfare related queries please contact&nbsp;<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.<br /><br /></li><br /> </ul>

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