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Tuition Centre: Chimbel

Education, Nutrition - Goa

<p>Indira Nagar, Chimbel, Tiswadi</p><br /> <h2>Why</h2><br /> <ul><br /> <li>The students hail from a highly congested slum in Chimbel where there is extreme poverty and no sanitation. Living conditions are sub-standard with many families sharing single taps for fresh water.</li><br /> <li>The community is extremely conservative. Most men work as daily wage labourers, motorcycle drivers or have small retail businesses. There is widespread gambling, alcoholism, crime and domestic violence.</li><br /> <li>The women often work as domestic maids or on construction sites. Higher education for women is not supported and many women are forbidden to work by parents or husbands.&nbsp;</li><br /> </ul><br /> <h2>Tuition Centre</h2><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Provides English lessons, homework assistance and exam preparation for 40 students.</li><br /> <li>Provides a daily nutritious meal.</li><br /> <li>Distributes schoolbooks.</li><br /> <li>Arranges functions and celebrations of festivals with the students and their families.</li><br /> </ul><br /> <h2>Vision</h2><br /> <ul><br /> <li>To instil values, hope and the confidence to realise dreams.</li><br /> <li>To create a thirst for knowledge, and nurture self-respect and respect for others.</li><br /> <li>To alleviate poverty through empowerment.</li><br /> <li>To create global citizens through breaking down barriers of nationality, religion, caste and creed and emphasising our shared humanity.</li><br /> </ul>

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