Community Kitchen: PGI Gurudwara

Nutrition - Chandigarh

Nehru Hospital, PGIMER, Sector 12, near Punjab University


  • PGI is one of the finest research hospitals in North India, catering to Punjab, Harayana, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal.
  • Many patients come from remote, disadvantaged areas in various neighbouring states.
  • Patients often require long-term treatment and can’t return to their villages due to the distances. They save their money for treatment and don’t have extra funds for food and accommodation.
  • They used to spend nights under the trees surrounding the hospital until two large halls were built near the Sikh temple. These accommodate approximately 400-500 patients, including their families.
  • Patients live free of charge in these halls.
  • There are no separate areas for men and women in the halls, making it difficult for families to wash and dress patients. Long-term patients, such as burn victims, cancer patients and bed-ridden patients, live in these conditions for months.

Community Kitchen

  • Samarpan Foundation currently supports the running of this community kitchen 5 days a week, feeding an average of 1000 people (patients and their families) daily. As part of Sikh culture, the family members of patients assist in preparing and cooking the meals so as to be of service.
  • Emergency patients and their families also come to the kitchen for meals.
  • An average of 100 kg of rice is cooked daily.
  • PGI Gurudwara successfully runs the kitchen for the remaining 2 days of the week.

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