Tuition Centre: Gaghar Bridge

Education, Nutrition - Chandigarh

Colony 3 and 4 Khakarmongali, right bank of Gaghar River, Panchkula


  • Migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in search of employment encroached on a 100-acre plot of government land. The highly congested slum has existed for over 40 years.
  • Living conditions are sub-standard with no sanitation. The government has provided residents with voting cards and two water tanks that cater for the entire slum at a ratio of 100 people per water tap.
  • Men work mainly as drivers or labourers and women often work as maids or domestic help.
  • There is widespread gambling and alcohol abuse amongst the men and loitering and substance abuse by teenage boys.
  • Children usually have one parent due to the high incidence of alcoholism and drug abuse. Their daily routine includes attending school, collecting wood, fetching water, a meager lunch of rice with salt and afternoon employment such as watering gardens and delivering pamphlets to homes.
  • Half of the children do not attend government schools. There is little or no awareness of the importance of education; hence the need to make very basic education available.

Tuition Centre

  • Provides afternoon tuition for 50 children.
  • Distributes toys and living essentials such as blankets and thermals.
  • Organises field trips, functions and celebrations of festivals.


  • A fresh, nutritious meal is provided daily.
  • A paediatrician provides treatment for children and adults twice a week.
  • The students' hygeine has improved tremendously due to awareness created by volunteers and medical care.


  • To instil values, hope and the confidence to realise dreams.
  • To create a thirst for knowledge, and nurture self-respect and respect for others.
  • To alleviate poverty through empowerment.
  • To create global citizens through breaking down barriers of nationality, religion, caste and creed and emphasising our shared humanity.

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