School and Tuition Centre: Motiya Khan

Education - New Delhi

Raen Basera Commercial Complex, Ram Kumar Road, Motiya Khan, Pahar Ganj, near the power grid


  • Migrant families hailing mostly from Pune, Maharashtra and Kerala are long-term residents at the shelter.
  • Most parents are unemployed. Men often provide musical entertainment at weddings (band walas) or are cart drivers or daily wage labourers. Women and their children often beg or sell items like balloons at traffic intersections.
  • Families live together without privacy in open halls. There is extreme poverty, widespread alcoholism, drug abuse and a lack of personal cleanliness due to living conditions.
  • Our school serves as a stepping-stone between survival for daily existence and the formal education system. There is little or no awareness of the importance of education; hence the need to make very basic education available.


  • Caters to 55 students. Of these students, only 18 attend mainstream schools.
  • Acts as a bridge by guiding students from basic forms of learning to more advanced techniques required by the formal education system
  • Teaches both basic and advanced learning techniques.
  • Includes vocational training, talent spotting and creativity development.
  • Organises field trips, functions and celebrations of festivals for confidence building through participation.
  • Provides stationery, schoolbags and winter clothing.


  • To instil values, hope and the confidence to realise dreams.
  • To create a thirst for knowledge, and nurture self-respect and respect for others.
  • To alleviate poverty through empowerment.
  • To create global citizens through breaking down barriers of nationality, religion, caste and creed and emphasising our shared humanity.

Samarpan Foundation manages this project in collaboration with Ashrey Adhikar Abhiyan.

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