Celebrations: Project Maanaa

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Let's share our celebrations!


Let's celebrate life in celebrating!


Let's enable others to benefit and celebrate life too!


  • When celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other significant events, we often wish to spread the happiness to sectors of society that are economically disadvantaged.
  • Often we are unable to include the disadvantaged because of a shortage of time, a lack of resources or few connections with those in need.
  • Project Maanaa is the link between those who wish to share their celebrations and those who lack the resources to celebrate.

Please write to us at [email protected] if you wish to celebrate a special occasion with the beneficiaries of any of our projects.

Alternatively, view the table below for some suggestions of how you can participate and make a difference:

Rupees (NR)Approx.(USD)BeneficiariesRequirementsProject
120019.3030 childrensnacks and pastriesschool, Multani Dhanda
210033.7050 childrensnacks and pastrieskindergarten, Kotla
310049.7590 childrensnacks and pastrieskindergarten and tuition centre, Kotla
310049.75240 childrenfruitschool and tuition centre, Hathi Basti
310049.7540 women and 20 childrendinner with halwawomen's shelter, Regarpura
360057.80160 children and 40 adultshalwatuition centre, Yamuna Pushta
510081.85160 children and 40 adultslunch with halwatuition centre, Yamuna Pushta
610097.90620 children and 180 adultshalwaschool, tuition centre, adult education and women's empowerment, Kishangarh
7100114.00620 children and 180 adultsice creamschool, tuition centre, adult education and women's empowerment, Kishangarh
8000128.4080 childrenhygiene kitsrequired for all schools and tuition centres
9500152.45620 children and 180 adultslunchschool, tuition centre, adult education and women's empowerment, Kishangarh

Thank you for your generosity!

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