Health Programmes: New Delhi

Healthcare - New Delhi

  • There is extreme poverty in these slums and the residents struggle for survival for daily existence. They are often unable to afford meals and suffer from malnutrition, leading to ill health. Healthcare and education are luxuries that most can’t afford. Women are often the last to eat in their families.

  • Medical camps/clinics are organised regularly, providing general and specialised care in various fields and include treatment, medicines and medical tests; for example, eye clinics including the provision of spectacles.

  • Medical equipment, such as wheel chairs, crutches and walkers, is distributed on a need-based basis for those living in extreme poverty; for example, wheel chair distribution at AIIMS hospital shelter.

  • Children are regularly de-wormed and, in cases of deficiencies in both adults and children, supplements such as iron, calcium and multivitamins are provided.

  • Sponsors of medical camps/clinics include:

  • Specialised medical care is provided for individual cases, including surgeries, on a need-based basis in association with medical partners.

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