Animal Welfare: New Delhi

Animal Welfare - New Delhi

Park Lane, Vasant Kunj


  • Beeya, an experienced riding instructor and horse trainer, started BRF (Beeya’s Riding Facility) after seeing a grey thoroughbred horse panting and sweating whilst pulling a cart at a traffic intersection in central Delhi in the height of summer.

  • BRF provides a dignified and permanent home for horses and ponies that have been abandoned or abused and are no longer in a position to earn, giving them a second chance in life.

  • The horses and ponies come from varied backgrounds. They are retired race or polo horses and rescued and/or retired working horses and ponies, often in very poor physical condition due to overworking, starvation, maltreatment and poor care. Many of the animals reach the facility highly stressed and in great pain.

  • Veterinary care is provided for the injured horses, including attending to wounds and their hooves, providing supplements, inoculations and deworming. Specialised care is provided for horses in very poor condition; it can take months to return them to health.

  • Currently the centre cares for 33 horses and ponies.

BRF (Beeya’s Riding Facility)

  • Bases all riding on classical principles of horsemanship. Horses that have been rehabilitated are ridden to their potential and no force is used in their training.

  • Teaches students to respect and interact with horses along with stable management, lessons in grooming, tack cleaning, feeding and lunging.

  • Offers individual and group lessons.

  • Provides successful therapy for children and adults with special needs, in particular assisting them to focus. The therapy is particularly useful for those with autism and ADHD (Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder).

  • Provides successful therapy for anger management for children, particularly those coming from broken homes and stress management for adults, as horses have a calming effect on humans with whom they can forge a close relationship.

  • Provides interaction with and learning from animals for children who don’t have a pet at home.


  • Samarpan is working in partnership with BRF to extend the programme in various directions:

    • to care for any abandoned or mistreated animal, in particular street dogs;

    • to provide veterinary care, sterilization and good post-operative care;

    • to offer more animal-based therapies for children and adults with special needs;

    • to offer increased interaction with animals for children and adults with anger issues, and increased interaction and learning from animals for children that have not had this opportunity.

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