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Women's Empowerment: Jama Masjid

Empowerment - New Delhi


H. No. 857, Street Tanras, Chandani Mahal, Darya Ganj


  • The women at the heart of the conservative community of Jama Masjid are eager to learn and move forward in life but are unable to because of limited resources and a severe lack of opportunities as a result of the traditional mindset of the community.
  • Fortunately the women here are not illiterate; most of them are semi-literate. Also, marriage at an early age is not the norm - girls get married after 21 years of age. In addition, their willingness to learn, and therefore change their lives, is very strong.
  • Accessibility for the beneficiaries is a key factor. The centre is located right in the midst of where they stay, preventing possible resistance from the community. Even teachers are identified and trained from within the community, which is reassuring for the women and their families.

Magical Stitches

  • The programme focuses on financially and socially disadvantaged women to facilitate economic independence and offers the following services: a Skills Training and Empowerment Centre (where they learn tailoring), a crèche, adult education, creativity workshops, costing workshops, medical intervention and welfare activities like health check-ups, sensitization camps and awareness camps. Consumables for the programme is provided like note books, needles, threads, and embroidery frames.
  • The programme is supported by The Hans Foundation and is functional in 5 batches of 30 women each - 4 batches of stitching and tailoring along with one batch of embroidery.

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