Women’s Empowerment: Noida Yakubpur

Empowerment - New Delhi

Unnamed Road, Sector 86, Noida, Uttar Pradesh


  • The residents of Yakubpur village are mostly immigrants, who hail from small towns of Uttar Pradesh and have settled in Noida for a better livelihood. Families of 5-6 members live in one-room houses with no sanitation facilities and very little access to clean water. The residents are mostly employed as minimum wage earners in industries and factories around the area. Abject poverty and harsh living conditions have severely restricted social and economic growth opportunities in the community.
  • An initial needs assessment survey revealed that the challenges faced were mostly related to the mindset of the community whose orthodox outlooks and prejudices restrict women from going out and working. Along with this, the women also need to fulfil their domestic responsibilities as care givers.
  • The women need to learn a productive skill so that they can contribute to income generation and also become more independent and self-confident. The best way forward was to initiate a training programme within the community.

Magical Stitches

  • The Noida empowerment center started in December 2016.
  • Currently stitching training is undertaken by 35 women in 2 batches, 6 days a week.
  • The centre has one trainer responsible for imparting tailoring and stitching skill training to the beneficiaries.
  • We follow the Singer-certified course syllabus. At the end of the course the beneficiaries will take a Singer-certified examination.

Services and Facilities

  • Consumables for the program, like fabric and tailoring stationery for stitching, are provided.
  • The centre has 10 sewing machines and 1 interlock machine for training.
  • Counselling sessions, motivational talks and creativity workshops are held.
  • A crèche for the children of the beneficiaries is being started.


We aspire to increase self-respect, confidence, and financial and social independence amongst women who are suppressed by hopelessness, abuse, dominance, and malnourishment. The vocational training programme will enable the women to understand and learn all aspects of tailoring and stitching, including basic entrepreneurial skills, and thus to earn an income and become equal and respected contributors to their families and communities.

To Donate

  • The cost of imparting tailoring and stitching skill training to 1 woman for 1 year is INR 15 000 (approx. 233 USD).
  • The cost of imparting tailoring and stitching skill training to 4 women for 1 year is INR 60 000 (approx. 931 USD).


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